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This section of The Cauldron: A Pagan Wiki is for members of the Cauldron's Reformed Celtic Polytheism SIG to post material relation to their SIG. The SIG's message board can be found here.

About the Reformed Celtic Polytheism SIG

The Reformed Celtic Polytheism SIG is a "reformed recon"-oriented board focused on Celtic Polytheism and related ancient beliefs. The primary purpose of this is to develop a modern Celtic Polytheistic religion that is strongly informed by academic information on ancient Celtic beliefs and practices. The idea of "Reformed Reconstructionism" is that one can never truly recreate in modern society an ancient religion like that practiced by the ancient Celts for a number of reasons (including, most notably, a lack of credible information about what those religious practices were, and a lack of consensus about the definition of the very word "Celtic").

This SIG is an attempt to design, from scratch, a modern Celtic religion that fits into the modern pluralistic society we live in, while remaining true to the basic core of ancient Celtic religious beliefs, as we are able to understand and interpret those beliefs. The very idea will turn off many "strict recons," but there are several excellent groups aimed at developing and practicing a strict Celtic recon religion — this SIG is not one of them.

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