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This section of The Cauldron: A Pagan Wiki is for members of the Cauldron's Ta Hiera Hellenic Polytheism SIG to post material relation to their SIG. The SIG message board can be found here.

About the Ta Hiera Hellenic Polytheism SIG

The Ta Hiera Hellenic Polytheist Forum SIG is a recon-oriented debate and discussion board focused on Hellenic Polytheism and related ancient beliefs.

Our focus is a modern Hellenic religion that fits into the modern world while remaining true to the core of ancient Hellenic religion. That is, we focus on adapting ancient Hellenism to the current world we live in, not trying to duplicate it — especially those parts of ancient Hellenism that require large numbers of people in one place, lavish state sponsored rituals and the like. If you have problems with this idea, this is probably not the Hellenic Polytheist group for you. On the other hand, a modern Hellenic religion will not look anything like the more popular Neo-Pagan religions (like Wicca, generic Neo-Paganism, etc.), so if you are looking for a Hellenic "Wicca-like" religion, this is probably not the group for you either.

"Recon-oriented" means that Unconfirmed Personal Gnosis (UPG) and non-primary or non-scholastic secondary sources will not be given the same weight as primary source material or scholastic secondary material in our discussions. (In other words, Hesiod and Homer will take precedence over something published by a Llewellyn author, something one saw in a dream, or the like.) If you are using UPG or questionable modern sources, you need to state that up front in your posts.

All pages added to this section should be named "hellenic:newpagename" (without the quotes).

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